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Our products as below: railway rail, steel rail, railroad rail, crane rail, light rail, heavy rail, rail clamp, rubber pad and fishplate etc. carril ferroviario, Riel de acero, carril de acero del ferrocarril, carril de grúa, tren ligero, carril pesado, abrazadera del carril de soldadura, almohadilla de goma, eclisa.

carril ferroviario, Riel de acero, carril de acero del ferrocarril, carril de grúa, tren ligero
carril pesado, abrazadera del carril de soldadura, almohadilla de goma, eclisa
carril de la grúa kp70, carril de la grúa kp80, carril de la grúa kp100, carril de la grúa kp120
carril de la grúa a100, carril de la grúa a120
carril tr45, carril tr50, carril tr57, carril tr68, Sra 87b carril
90ara-a rail, 100re carril, 115re carril, 136re carril, carril cr175
Carril de 8 kg, Carril de 12 kg, Carril 15kg, Riel ligero de 18 kg, Carril de 22 kg, Carril 24kg, Carril de 30 kg
carril asce25, carril asce30, carril s30, carril asce60, carril jis30a
Carril de 38 kg, Carril de 43 kg, Carril 50kg, Carril de 60 kg
carril qu70, carril qu80, carril qu100, carril qu120

We also can supply the related railway rail fasteners as below:

Fish Bolt: 22x135, 24x135, 24x145
High-strength Fish Bolt: 22×135, 24×135, 24×145
Insulated Bolt: 22×160, 24×160, 24×170
T type bolt: M24x110
Flat Washer: 6×25×50
Spring Washer: 20×8, 24×8, 26×8
Double Spring Washer: 26×8
Screw Spike: M22x185, M24x195
Square head screw spike: 22x145, 22x155, 22x165
Hexagon screw spike: 22x145, 22x155, 22x165, 22x185, 22x195
Dog Spike: 16x16×165mm, 8x8x80mm, 10x10x100mm
Gauge Apron: 10#, 13#, 14#, 20#
Antiseptic gauge apron: 10#
Steel base plate/ base plate: For any type of rail
Rail anchor: For any type of rail
Rubber tie plate: For any type of rail
Elastic rail clip: A, B Type
Elastic rail clip: SKL serious Type
Antiseptic elastic rail clip: G Type, W Type, B Type
Nylon apron block: V type, 0-4#, 2-6#
Insulated Rail Gauge Rod: ¢32, ¢36
Rail Gauge Rod: ¢32, ¢36
Fishplate: 43kg, 50kg, 60kg, 75kg, BS60, BS75R, BS80A, BS90A and so on.
Insulated fishplate: 43, 50, 60, 75, UIC60, UIC54 etc.

Please contact us to ask other fasteners.

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The switch rail is used for curve railway to avoid the high pressure to make the rail break, also be used for making turnout switch, this rail is specially used for national railway, the quantity is very good, can accept any third party inspection.

Other international standard steel rails
Rubber pad for Crane rail   Double weldable rail clamp Single weldable rail clamp Fishplate for rail joint Rail joint bar
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