6 kg/m iron rail

This 6 kg/m steel rail is produced by the roller of 8 kg/m rail, means the dimension of height is same as 8 kg/m rail, but width is produced narrowly to the required 6 kg/m rail, the actual weight has 6.2 kg/m and 6.8 kg/m, the material has Q235. Length is 6m.

Grade: Q235B
Rail Heigth: 65mm
Bottom Width: 54mm
Web Thickness: 7mm
Head Width: 25mm
Length: 6m
Model Number: 6 kg/m
Type: Light Rail
Application: Small Mining Rail line
Weight: 6.2 kg/m or 6.8 kg/m
Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
Bolt Hole Diameter: 16mm
Product name: 6 kg/m lignt steel rail
Key words: Iron Rail
Material: Q235B
Kinds: Mineral metallurgy
Certificate: ISO9001:2008
Warranty: 12 months
HS CODE: 73021000
Usage 1: Small park train railline
Usage 2: Mining car line
Advantage: Good quality
Supply Ability: 3000 Tons daily
Packaging Details: Bundle in container
Port: Tianjin port

Supply all kinds of Chinese standard steel rails:

LIGHT RAIL: 8kg/9kg/12kg/15kg/18kg/22kg/24kg/30kg light steel rail for mine using.

HEAVY RAIL: 38kg/43kg/50kg/60kg/75kg for freight railroad line.

CRANE RAIL: QU70/QU80/QU100/QU120 for Crane Rail running.


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