DIN536 A150 crane rail instruction

DIN 536-1991 A150 crane rail is used for crane run, overhead crane moving, harbors and wharf crane moving rail, also be used for transformer moving or pier ground crane running. Some time we have some stock, if we do not have stock, can deliver it within 40 days, so if you want to place order, should confirm it in advance.

DIN536 A150 crane rail is a specific type of A150 crane rail that conforms to the German DIN 536 standard for crane rails. The DIN 536 standard defines the specifications and requirements for crane rails used in overhead crane systems, gantry cranes, and other material handling equipment.

The DIN536 A150 crane rail has a nominal weight of 150 kg/m and is made of high-strength steel to withstand heavy loads and constant use. It has a flat bottom and a wide head and foot, making it ideal for use in crane and material handling applications. The rail profile conforms to the DIN 536 standard, ensuring compatibility with other components of the crane rail system, such as rail clips and fasteners.

DIN536 A150 crane rail is commonly used in heavy-duty industrial applications such as ports, steel mills, and warehouses. It is typically installed on a specially designed crane rail track that provides a secure and stable base for the crane to move along.